good golly, time gets away from you so quickly when you are busy!

I am so happy that I have been so busy, but super bummed I have not kept up with my blogging! I love to share new sessions with you all, and I have decided I will not go silent again! Let me catch everyone up!

Both of my children are getting so big - I honestly have no idea how its happened so fast!

My Oldest Lorelai is 5 and will be heading in to kindergarten. I honestly can not believe that my sweet girl will be heading off to big girl school, and I am not sure if I am ready for that or not. She sure it ready - she is ready for an adventure, and I know she will do so well! Momma on the other hand, I will probably spend the day crying.


My little one Evangeline is my wild child and most definitely in the terrible twos stage. Her favorite things include eating, following me around and eating!


As for me - I have been working away and I am LOVING IT! I have to thank all of the amazing clients new and old who have helped make Lydia L Photography what it is today!

I enjoy getting to watch so many children grow - but I also enjoy getting to meet so many new and wonderful people!

If you are new here, and not sure what areas I service let me give you a bit of information,

I shoot locally in Bradenton and palmetto - however I also service Sarasota and travel to Tampa and Orlando.

Don’t want book your session today!

Lydia L Photography | Sarasota Children's Photographer | Holiday Minis

Alright folks - it’s that time of year again! Holiday mini session time - however I prefer to call them Holiday Petite Sessions! I know we have not gotten past Halloween yet, however I know families love getting their holiday cards out early.

This year I decided to ditch the props and keep it simple -

lets let the focus be on you and your family..

mini sessions sarasota.jpg

S I M P L Y   S T U N N I N G

Holiday minis.jpg

It’s the little things that you will want to remember - so when you look back at your photos you can hear their laughter.

christmas mini sessions sarasota.jpg
bradenton children's photographer.jpg

They are only little for a short time - and that is why  I decided this year I wanted to capture children simply having fun.

sarasota mini sessions.jpg



sarasota photographer.jpg
Bradenton mini sessions.jpg

christmas mini sessiosns bradenton.jpg
sarasota christmas minis.jpg
bradenton photographer.jpg
sarasota children's photographer.jpg

I have already started booking sessions for these session - don’t hesitate because you will miss out! Spaces are limited.

Holiday Mini Post.jpg

Lydia L Photography | Sarasota Children's Photographer | You are my Sunshine Cake Smash

You Are My Sunshine
My only sunshine
You make me happy
When skies are grey
You'll never know, dear
How much I love you
Please don't take my sunshine away

What an exciting theme for a cake smash right! I love when moms pick a theme for their little one that has so much meaning.  A little back story on how momma picked the theme for her little girls session. The little cake smashers name is Scarlett Brielle — momma calls her Scarlie B, mom knew she wanted a bumble bee incorporated into her session. Wait it gets even cuter - mom has been singing ‘You are my Sunshine’ to her sweet girl since she was a baby - and that my friends how one of the cutest session themes were made!

Photographer Sarasota.jpg

Oh my goodness! Look at that little face - she is the sweetest! Don’t let that cuteness fool you friends, this little one made me WORK for ever smile we got! 

There are two types of children during a cake smash those who laugh at anything and everything I do, and those who are the most serious kids you have ever seen! There is never an in-between. Those who are extra serious only smile if you do the absolute most ridiculous things, and I am not above acting like a fool to get a good cheese face.

Sarasota photographer.jpg

So what was it that got this little one to smile - she only would smile when we would all clap and cheer and shout her name! It was so funny - she loved it!

bradenton childrens photographer.jpg
Bradenton children's photographer.jpg

Check out these extra super cute bloomers mom had made just for this little ones cake smash! Sometimes it’s the little details that pull the entire session together!

Bradenton Photographer.jpg


S H O T!

I love sharing cake shots! These are always my favorite - not to mention they always make me hungry for cake!

Now THAT is the face of a little girl enjoying her cake! She gobbled it all up and was happy as can be!

Lakewood Ranch childrens photographer.jpg



lakewood ranch photographer.jpg

You'll never know dear
How much I love you
Please don't take my
sunshine away

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Lydia L Photography | Sarasota Newborn Photogrpher | Baby C

Can we all just agree that newborn babies give the absolute best snuggles! I am one lucky gal that I get to squish and love on all these sweet babes while doing their newborn sessions!

I am a tad bit behind on my feature session of the week - but now that I am back in gear blogging I will be posting TONS of sweetness that I have been meaning to post!

I had this sweet boy and his family in and they were the kindest family ever - and I was honored as I am with all of my sessions that they picked me to capture their sweet baby boys newborn photos.

 Meet Charlie - this sweet little guy did not want to sleep during his entire session! He was bright eyed and wanted to watch every move I made!

lakewood ranch newborn photographer.jpg

He was 100% a perfect little guy - despite him being awake we blew through his session with no tears! He had the sweetest red hair and he melted my heart.

newborn photographer bradenton.jpg



This is one of my all time favorite poses for dads - I call this the proud dad pose! It is always so amazing to see how protective and in LOVE dads are with their new little ones! This is the pose that says it all —

Mommas and dads - when booking your newborn session never pass up the opportunity to take those precious photos with your newborn. I know that after having a baby you don’t always feel your best, and exhaustion has set in - but I promise you, you will cherish these photos.

sarasota photographer.jpg
newborn sarasota photographer.jpg

There you have it friends - baby Charlie <3

Show this little guy some love!

L I K E . L O V E. C O M M E N T

Lydia L Photography | Sarasota Children's Photographer | Peach turns 1 - Cake Smash

Let's talk cuteness - I mean realistically I am so lucky I get to capture some of the cutest children ever.

I shot this cake smash and fell in love RIGHT away! Miss. Peach is the sweetest little thing I have ever met. She was FULL of smiles and was such a joy to watch smash her cake. She loved music and could not contain herself from dancing.

Children's photographer in Bradenton.jpg

Everything was perfect during her smash - It is always such a pleasure to see everyone so happy while watching their little one during the session.

That smile and those cheeks - so much sweetness

The Best Part

T H E  C A K E

I am going to leave you with this cute smile - and those squishy thighs!

L I K E. L O V E. C O M M E N T.

Skirt, Necklace & Headband: Prettiest Prop Shop


Lydia L Photography | Sarasota Children's Photographer | Why i have been MIA

Okay everyone - I want to apologize for going MIA.  I wish I had an exciting excuse for why I have not been updating my blog, however it really is just because business and life got way too crazy to keep up with!


1 year and 6months later I am still trying to balance this whole life I have with two kiddos! One who started VPK just a few weeks ago and I am still wrapping my head around my child growing up.


I will continue to update my blog weekly as I previously did. Each week there will be a featured session or a featured topic!


Stay tuned - and if you are not a subscriber DO IT!

Lydia L Photography | Sarasota Children's Photographer | Michael's Challenge

Hey hey amazing people! I am trying to get back into the swing of things and start blogging weekly again!


So recently my absolute favorite store Michael's announced something called "The Michael's Challenge". Michael's is one of my absolute favorite stores - I can wander around there for hours, it is my favorite thing to do on a kiddo free morning. What was this challenge you ask - it was created to get photographers out of the comfort zone and shoot somewhere they would not typically shoot. If you have ever been into Michael's you know they have amazingly beautiful aisles of silk flowers. Most stores have multiple areas of bright beautiful flowers!

Once I heard about this I knew I had to get in on the fun! I took one of my all time favorite models with me, and we had a blast! It was like real life spring in Florida! 

bradenton children's photographer.jpg

The colors were everything a girl could ask for!

Bradenton childrens photographer.jpg

This is one of my absolute favorites - I am a mom who loves serious pictures of her child! I do not know why but I love my serious girl. So I had to ask my happy go lucky little girl to give me her best serious face. Well boy did she follow through!

After stepping back and looking at the end result, was happy that I decided to step out of my comfort zone.


If you are not familiar with the Michaels Store you must check out their website - it is one of my absolute favorite stores.

Lydia L Photography | Sarasota Children's Photographer | Cake Smash Bucket List

Happy February all! I can not even believe that we are already mid into February, how did that happen. So I was doing some thinking and decided that I wanted to create a cake smash bucket list. What is this you ask - exactly what is sounds like.


I created a list of cake smash themes that are not your 'typical' smash theme. They may not be your typical theme but I assure you they are just as fun! Check out the list of super fun and exciting bucket list themes.

Bucket List.jpg

If you choose to book a cake smash off of the bucket list than you will receive 25% off of your cake smash session fee.  Once someone selects a theme from the list it will be removed - so if you see a theme you like be sure to secure that theme!



Lydia L Photography | Sarasota and Bradenton Children's photographer | 1 Year Down

1 year later...

This time last year I made a vow to myself that I would start blogging more, and by golly I succeeded. I have tried blogging before, but it always ended after the 2nd or 3rd blog post. This past year it was so different, I enjoyed blogging so much more.

It was so much fun to share a little bit of behind the scenes, funny moments from each session and of course the bloopers.

Big changes will be made in 2018, the first being cake smash sessions.

Children photographer in sarasota.jpg

My cake smash sessions have always been over the top, my number 1 goal is to always create an amazing first birthday cake smash for your children. When you book a cake smash the process is super easy and fun. You pick the theme and I will create a custom/ stylized cake smash session for you. Whether you have a theme in mind or a color scheme I will create the cake smash session of your dreams.

photographer in sarasota fl.jpg

There is nothing I love more than creating amazing sessions for your children.


A few things to remember if you are thinking of booking a cake smash with Lydia L Photography:

- It is never too soon to book your cake smash session

- I can help you pick a theme if you are stumped

- Cake smash sessions are booked 2 weeks out after initial retainer fee


children's photographers near sarasota.jpg

Now booking cake smash sessions for 2018!

Lydia L Photography | Sarasota Children's Photographer | Holiday Mini Sessions

:: insert your favorite Christmas song and start humming ::

we all know that feeling of the holiday rush right? I honestly can not believe that we are already in the middle of December. I woke up one day and BOOM - December is almost over. As always this is my busiest time of the year, and one of my favorite.

I think what I love most about this time of year is seeing all of the amazing Christmas cards that people send out.  It makes me so happy that I can add a little Christmas joy to so many different people.


y'all look at all these sweet faces! Their smiles just light up my life. LITERALLY it makes me so happy to see these happy children. I won't lie, by the end of the weekend and 25+ sessions my back was killing me! But it was all worth it!


Have an amazing Christmas!  

Lydia L Photograph | Sarasota Children's Photographer | Mommy & Me

If i could give one bit of advice to all moms around the world it would be. 

Never miss an opportunity to take a picture your children, because one day you will be saying i wish i took just one more picture when they were little. I had an amazing session with a mom and her daughter and it was so nice capturing the two of them.

To see mom interact with her daughter, and to see how much this little one loves her momma was the sweetest thing. It made my heart smile.

Mom wanted a downtown feel, and i was thrilled when she decided that she wanted to shoot in St. Armand's Circle. We also took a walk over to a local macaroon café and had a blast while inside!

Childrens's photographer in bradenton.jpg

Never skip a chance to laugh till your belly hurts, smile till your cheeks are sore and enjoy every second of it.

Lydia L Photography | Sarasota Children's Photographer | A guide to perfectly styled holiday photos

As the holidays approach I know everyone is in the process of planning the perfect holiday photos! For some families it is the only family photo that they take all year - so I know how vital perfect outfits are.

The one thing that I can not stress enough is to make sure that the outfits you select, you and your family are comfortable in. If you are not comfortable with what you are wearing you will not be happy with the end result of your images. If your children are not comfortable they are most likely going to be very unhappy littles during the session.  

Things to ditch

- The same exact outfit on your girls/boys : Why you ask? This really could be a matter of opinion , however I think its a little overwhelming. I know you may have found the most perfect outfit for your children BUT  I promise there are more amazingly cute outfits that don't look identical to each other out there.

- Same exact color/different shirts: Once you find a color you like avoid grabbing the same color shirt in different styles. || I will go into this more in detail a little later ||

- Shirts with logos/designs or words: As fun as those cute little sayings are, they don't photograph well.


Things to do

TIP: Before you even start shopping - think about some colors you may want to have incorporated into your portraits. I am a big believer that you do not HAVE to wear red or green to create the perfect photo.

Sometimes I will pick our colors based on the perfect shirt I found for myself or my daughter.

- Coordinate - Instead of making everyone in your photo match perfectly have them coordinate! It adds variety and contrast to you photo!

- Do not shy away from prints or patterns - It is okay to have patterns, and prints and even more than 1 person can wear them too. The most important thing is that you want them to compliment each other.


This lovely family is a perfect example of coordinating colors. By using the gold in mom and little sisters outfit they pulled in brown with little brothers shoes. This family looked amazing during their session.  

The kids looked stunning during their session, and most importantly they were all comfortable which led to an all around happy session!


The photos above are perfect examples of incorporating a print and multiple colors into your family portraits. Both families kept it smile yet made sure all colors complimented eachother.

This last photo you can see that there are multiple prints -- however they all tie into the overall fell and look of the session.


One thing that I really want point out is, all of these images are perfect for a holiday photo - yet none of the families are wearing red, black or green!


Happy shopping! Remember your photographer is always there for any wardrobe advice you may need!

Lydia L Photography | Sarasota Children's Photographer | Smoke Bomb Fun

Every summer I like to do a fun and exciting summer mini session! As always i like to gear all of my sessions toward children - because after all they are the ones who tend to enjoy summer the most.

This year we had a blast doing somethingI have never done before! It was mom approved - and the kids loved it.

S M O K E B O M B minis were a huge hit this summer! The kids really enjoyed that they got to pick out their own smoke color!

The thing I loved most about these smoke bomb minis was that the kids really had the opportunity to just go wild and have fun during their session. The sessions were short, sweet and fun!

Moms were so happy to get some genuine smiles from their kids, and they were happy that they got to 'play' during their session with me.

Before we broke out the smoke bombs we also got some pictures any grandparent would fall in love with!

Lydia L Photography | Sarasota Children's Photographer | 2017 Christmas Mini Sessions

Hey everyone! This is going to be short and sweet!

I know we are only in October - BUT as a mom of two small children I know I like to plan ahead, to be sure I get those ever so cute Christmas Photos in! My girls are the face of our Christmas card, and I hate waiting till the last minute to send them out! This year Lydia L Photography will be hosting 2 different Christmas mini sessions

The reason I have decided to host two different minis this year is because all children are different, and I know not everyone is going to be a huge fan of Santa. | However he is an amazing Santa that will put you right into the holiday spirit |

The first set of minis that I will be hosting are my Date with Santa sessions - These sessions are so much fun because the kids get an opportunity to have one on one time with Santa! They get to share cookies with him, they can even bring in their Christmas list to share with Santa.

They are short and sweet! No lines - you just arrive during your scheduled session ready for some fun!

The next set of mini sessions I am offering are simple and fun! Christmas Pajama minis! I LOVE shopping for new Christmas PJs for my children - it puts me in the holiday spirit and makes me so excited. I know I can not be the only parent who is thinking about the perfect Christmas PJs! They are fun and cozy and perfect for all ages!


Lydia L Photography | Sarasota Childrens Photographer | The Cat and the Hat Cake Smash

Today you are you! That is truer than true! There is no one alive who is you-er than you! - Dr. Seuss


When you turn one you might as well do it in style! What better way than with a Dr. Seuss themed cake smash.  Ks mom was super crafty and made a lot of the props that we used during his session, it was perfect because they doubled as party décor! K was very serious during his entire session, he was determined not to crack a smile. I have never seen anyone eat almost an entire cake with a straight face.

like many of my little ones during their cake smash, he very much so enjoyed the splash portion of his session. He was all smiles, and even tried to snag some cake while in the tub!



Flamingo Pink Cake Smash | Lydia L Photography | Bradenton Childrens Photographer

Before we get started I want to say I hope that everyone is safe from hurricane Irma. I took a little break since Irma shook us up a bit!


Celebrate good times, come on! (Let's celebrate)

super excited to be sharing this cake smash with you! Little E was one of my newborn clients, and she is one of the sweetest little ones. She has gone through so much to be just 1 year old, and is such a little fighter. A few days before our scheduled session she had to have an emergency surgery. Once E recovered and was In the studio you would have never known she had surgery. She was all smiles - and enjoyed every messy bit of her cake.


how about this theme, Her mom picked it and I was smitten from the start. some of the best colors coming together to make one super amazing cake smash!

Who is this sweet baby girl you ask, why that is Little miss E during her newborn session! Look how much she has grown, such a big girl.

Her smile was contagious, there is nothing I love more than happy children in my studio.

I was happy to see how much she enjoyed the splash portion of her session! Who doesn't love bubbles right?



Important questions to ask your photographer | Lydia L Photography | Sarasota Childrens photographer

I know picking the right photographer can sometimes be stressful, However knowing exactly what to expect will make your experience 100% better. There are some important things to know before booking, and some very vital questions you will want to ask before you seal the deal.

First things first, you need to make sure you have seen your potential photographers work. Ask yourself these questions -

- Do I like their photography style? Every photographer has a different style, that is what makes the photography world so great. This is when you have to decide if it is something that you like, no, not just like LOVE. do you LOVE it.

- Is their work consistent? Take a moment and browse through their website/portfolio. You want to see that their work is consistent, that they are continuously staying within the same editing style. If you notice your potential photographer is all over the place with their work, it is possible you may not get exactly what you are hoping for.

- would I hang their portraits on my wall? Your ultimate goal is to have amazing portraits to have printed to show off to friends and family. If what you are seeing is not something you would put on your walls, than you should keep on hunting for the perfect photographer.

Another important question you want to find out is, does the photographer specialize in a specific area of photography? You may be wondering why this questions is even important, however it could be one of the deciding factors for many reasons. Some people are not aware that photographers actually specialize in different areas of work - similar to how there are different types of doctors. For example if you are wanting to hire a photographer for your child's cake smash photos, you are not going to want to hire a photographer who has only had experience in weddings. I am a photographer who specializes in children's photography, this means that I have a lot of experience working with children.

The next few things are something that people tend to overlook when booking a photographer, making sure that you clarify these things will make your overall experience with your photographer a good one.

What comes with my session fee?

Do you have digital image packages or print packages?

If I purchase digital images do I also receive a print release?

Do you provide any clothing for your sessions?

Do you provide all of the props in your sessions?

What if I want a specific props or set up?

Your photographer can also give you advice on what your child should wear to their session, and coordinating colors if you are booking a photo shoot for your family.

Ultimately you want a pleasant experience with your photographer, being on the same page is the first step. You want to be able to look at your pictures and remember what an amazing experience you had. 


Going Couture | Lydia L Photography | Sarasota Childrens Photographer

I recently have been really excited about big changes that Lydia L Photography will be making. I can not say it enough - I LOVE capturing children. They are these tiny little humans who have a smile that can light up the whole sky. I have always been a little over the top with everything - and I have carried that in to my photography full force! Slowly I have been working to debut some photos I have been holding on to and I am squealing with joy to share with you.


Bradenton children's photographer.jpg

Let me tell you a little about these amazing sessions - I will now be offering sessions called Simply Couture. These sessions will be priced differently than my basic family/cake smash sessions - but they will be offering LOADS of goodies. When booking a Simply Couture session you are not just booking a session - you are booking an entire experience. ::Please don't think that my other sessions aren't as amazing, these are just amazing in a different way::  Your booking fee includes the use of a designer couture gown - you get to choose from different gowns in your child's size. You have the choice of a studio, or a session on location in the Bradenton or Sarasota area.


These sessions allow your daughter to get dressed up, and play princess for a little while. One of the reasons I am now offering these particular sessions is because I loved seeing the girls reaction when I pulled out the dress for them. They light up the moment they step into the dress, and I have no doubt in my mind that they will remember that moment forever.

bradenton childrens photographer.jpg

What I love about the Simply Couture session is that the location possibilities are endless. In fact finding the most crazy spots in Bradenton and Sarasota are my specialty.

Childrens photographer near sarasota.jpg



Stepping outside of the box - and doing everything out of the norm is what makes these sessions so special.

photographer in sarasota fl.jpg

Taking on downtown Sarasota, FL is always exciting! The adventures are always the best part of a Simply Couture session.

The idea of the Simply Couture session is to take more than just a photo for your to share on social media. (although that is nice) It Is to create a piece of art that is timeless, and that you will want to display in your home for years to come.

Studio or on location - everything about the sessions are perfect!

For a limited time the Simply Couture session fee will be $175.00 - After September 9th the session fee will go back to $280.00. This price includesyour session fee - location of your choice and the use of a designer dress.

Mr. C Firefighter Cake Smash | Sarasota Childrens Photographer

Ohmylanta guys! As you can see from my blog I do not shoot very many cake smash sessions for boys! I am not exactly sure why - but when I do get the chance I am over the moon excited! This little guy was one of my newborns so it was so nice to see him 'graduate' to my cake smash sessions! Daddy is a firefighter so why on earth would we not pick such an amazing theme.

Bradenton childrens photographer.jpg

look at his perfect little face! We had such a blast during his session! He was full of personality and smiles!

Lets take a quick trip down memory lane and check out Mr. Colton as a newborn! We of course incorporated red for the firefighter theme into his newborn session!



He enjoyed his cake at first - but he soon realized he was not a fan of being too dirty and decided he was done with it all!

Like what you read? Be sure to show this session some love!! Get your cake smash session booked today!!