Lydia L Photography | Sarasota Children's Photographer | A guide to perfectly styled holiday photos

As the holidays approach I know everyone is in the process of planning the perfect holiday photos! For some families it is the only family photo that they take all year - so I know how vital perfect outfits are.

The one thing that I can not stress enough is to make sure that the outfits you select, you and your family are comfortable in. If you are not comfortable with what you are wearing you will not be happy with the end result of your images. If your children are not comfortable they are most likely going to be very unhappy littles during the session.  

Things to ditch

- The same exact outfit on your girls/boys : Why you ask? This really could be a matter of opinion , however I think its a little overwhelming. I know you may have found the most perfect outfit for your children BUT  I promise there are more amazingly cute outfits that don't look identical to each other out there.

- Same exact color/different shirts: Once you find a color you like avoid grabbing the same color shirt in different styles. || I will go into this more in detail a little later ||

- Shirts with logos/designs or words: As fun as those cute little sayings are, they don't photograph well.


Things to do

TIP: Before you even start shopping - think about some colors you may want to have incorporated into your portraits. I am a big believer that you do not HAVE to wear red or green to create the perfect photo.

Sometimes I will pick our colors based on the perfect shirt I found for myself or my daughter.

- Coordinate - Instead of making everyone in your photo match perfectly have them coordinate! It adds variety and contrast to you photo!

- Do not shy away from prints or patterns - It is okay to have patterns, and prints and even more than 1 person can wear them too. The most important thing is that you want them to compliment each other.


This lovely family is a perfect example of coordinating colors. By using the gold in mom and little sisters outfit they pulled in brown with little brothers shoes. This family looked amazing during their session.  

The kids looked stunning during their session, and most importantly they were all comfortable which led to an all around happy session!


The photos above are perfect examples of incorporating a print and multiple colors into your family portraits. Both families kept it smile yet made sure all colors complimented eachother.

This last photo you can see that there are multiple prints -- however they all tie into the overall fell and look of the session.


One thing that I really want point out is, all of these images are perfect for a holiday photo - yet none of the families are wearing red, black or green!


Happy shopping! Remember your photographer is always there for any wardrobe advice you may need!