Lydia L Photograph | Sarasota Children's Photographer | Mommy & Me

If i could give one bit of advice to all moms around the world it would be. 

Never miss an opportunity to take a picture your children, because one day you will be saying i wish i took just one more picture when they were little. I had an amazing session with a mom and her daughter and it was so nice capturing the two of them.

To see mom interact with her daughter, and to see how much this little one loves her momma was the sweetest thing. It made my heart smile.

Mom wanted a downtown feel, and i was thrilled when she decided that she wanted to shoot in St. Armand's Circle. We also took a walk over to a local macaroon café and had a blast while inside!

Childrens's photographer in bradenton.jpg

Never skip a chance to laugh till your belly hurts, smile till your cheeks are sore and enjoy every second of it.