Important questions to ask your photographer | Lydia L Photography | Sarasota Childrens photographer

I know picking the right photographer can sometimes be stressful, However knowing exactly what to expect will make your experience 100% better. There are some important things to know before booking, and some very vital questions you will want to ask before you seal the deal.

First things first, you need to make sure you have seen your potential photographers work. Ask yourself these questions -

- Do I like their photography style? Every photographer has a different style, that is what makes the photography world so great. This is when you have to decide if it is something that you like, no, not just like LOVE. do you LOVE it.

- Is their work consistent? Take a moment and browse through their website/portfolio. You want to see that their work is consistent, that they are continuously staying within the same editing style. If you notice your potential photographer is all over the place with their work, it is possible you may not get exactly what you are hoping for.

- would I hang their portraits on my wall? Your ultimate goal is to have amazing portraits to have printed to show off to friends and family. If what you are seeing is not something you would put on your walls, than you should keep on hunting for the perfect photographer.

Another important question you want to find out is, does the photographer specialize in a specific area of photography? You may be wondering why this questions is even important, however it could be one of the deciding factors for many reasons. Some people are not aware that photographers actually specialize in different areas of work - similar to how there are different types of doctors. For example if you are wanting to hire a photographer for your child's cake smash photos, you are not going to want to hire a photographer who has only had experience in weddings. I am a photographer who specializes in children's photography, this means that I have a lot of experience working with children.

The next few things are something that people tend to overlook when booking a photographer, making sure that you clarify these things will make your overall experience with your photographer a good one.

What comes with my session fee?

Do you have digital image packages or print packages?

If I purchase digital images do I also receive a print release?

Do you provide any clothing for your sessions?

Do you provide all of the props in your sessions?

What if I want a specific props or set up?

Your photographer can also give you advice on what your child should wear to their session, and coordinating colors if you are booking a photo shoot for your family.

Ultimately you want a pleasant experience with your photographer, being on the same page is the first step. You want to be able to look at your pictures and remember what an amazing experience you had.