Pretty in Pink Cake Smash | Bradenton Childrens Photographer

Be prepared - you are about to see some major cuteness overload! I recently had a cake smash with a ridiculously beautiful little girl. Her mom picked sucha sweet theme! I will be honest, at first I was having a difficult time coming up with ideas for her cake smash. I had to dig really deep into my bag of creativity! I realized I needed to stop thinking so broad and go simple - and everything worked out perfectly.

Mom picked a ballet theme - and as I said previously I was a little stumped. I decided to play on the colors from a traditional ballet outfit - the different shades of pinks and white were perfect! When mom walked in she was so excited - and I was even more excited to see the sweet little outfit she was wearing.

Lets talk outfits for a second - I know most of my cake smash sessions love shopping for their little ones outfits! I will say that every outfit that comes through my studio is so stinking cute - however I LOVED the simplicity of the outfit mom picked for this particular session.  

My favorite part about this session was watching mom and dad, watch their little one! They were so excited to be watching their precious little girl having such a good time! The excitement in my studio was over the top - and I would not want it any other way. Not to mention it always makes me laugh when mom and dad start acting super silly to get big smiles! Nothing like a cake smash and a show!

She enjoyed her cake - she was so dainty with it! She was not fond of getting her fingers messy, and once she got too messy she wanted us to clean her hands! I love seeing how different all the kids are when smashing their cakes! You really never know what to expect!

As always we end an exciting cake smash session with a splash portion! This give the kiddos the opportunity to get all squeaky clean and I get great smiles of them splashing in the tub!


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