Lydia L Photography | Sarasota Children's Photographer | Smoke Bomb Fun

Every summer I like to do a fun and exciting summer mini session! As always i like to gear all of my sessions toward children - because after all they are the ones who tend to enjoy summer the most.

This year we had a blast doing somethingI have never done before! It was mom approved - and the kids loved it.

S M O K E B O M B minis were a huge hit this summer! The kids really enjoyed that they got to pick out their own smoke color!

The thing I loved most about these smoke bomb minis was that the kids really had the opportunity to just go wild and have fun during their session. The sessions were short, sweet and fun!

Moms were so happy to get some genuine smiles from their kids, and they were happy that they got to 'play' during their session with me.

Before we broke out the smoke bombs we also got some pictures any grandparent would fall in love with!