Celebrate Every Moment | Sarasota Children's Photographer

Lets talk milestones for a bit, what are some important milestones in your child's life? We all know the usual -- Newborn, first birthday, first holidays. BUT I think there is one we all forget about, a really special time in your child's life that you will want to remember!

Close your eyes and try to remember when your sweet baby was just learning how to sit up, they were so wobbly and so darn cute - or just learning to get on all fours and crawl/scoot backward. What about when they are discovering facial expressions, making bubbles and babbling. This is such a short time for your little one that I assure you, you are going to want to remember these moments!

I think sometimes we get so wrapped up with newborn sessions, and first birthday cake smash sessions - that we forget this little milestone in-between. I am shouting it to the roof tops - when your little one is just starting to sit up you are going to want to remember those moments!

One of the top questions I get when moms inquire about this type of session is... should I pick a theme for the session? The answer is, it is 100% your choice - You can pick a theme, you can pick a color scheme or you can pick a few outfits that we can focus the session on. I can help guide your session, and make it perfect for your little one.

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