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Hello everyone! get ready to see some see some sweet baby cuteness during this post! You are also going to get a look at some behind the scenes I captured during this little squishy session. The morning of the session everyone was exhausted, however Chris did not get off of work until two hours before our session - so I was not sure how he was still standing! As always I let clients know that I want them to sit back and relax, I will handle everything. It always makes me smile when parents do just that!! New daddy Chris was so exhausted he fell asleep right on my studio couch!

While Chris was snoozing Summer got to sit back, relax and catch up on emails and work. All the While I got to get my baby loving in! Like all newborn sessions mom and dad let me know what direction to go with the session, and I get the fun part of creating something perfect that represents them! Mom and dad requested a nautical theme and I was thrilled to make their vision come through during little Owens session!

*click through all of the photos to see all of this cute nautical sweetness*

**BEHIND the scenes shot from the finished photo above! I always have a spotter because babies safety Is the most important thing!**

I will say don't let this little sweet face fool you! He gave me a run for my money during his session! We had to wake dad up to make a run to the store because little mans pacifier got left at home! Of course the moment dad left, mom was able to get Owen settled down and by the time dad got back we were almost done with his session!

*Behind the scenes with baby Owen*


Once we got all of the shots we needed I saved the best for last! Family shots! I love capturing special moments and bonds between mom dad and baby! I have said it once and I will say it again -moms no matter how you feel you need pictures with your newborn. I remind parents to stay relaxed and enjoy the moment holding their little bundle!

During baby & daddy shots dad is a BIG Tampa Bay Lightning fan - so he of course wanted to incorporate one of his loves into the photos. While prepping for dads special shots baby own got a little fussy, and I caught a super sweet moment between baby and dad!


After dad got little guy settled down we ended up getting some great shots that really shows the bond between the two of them!

I am so happy I had the chance to meet and capture this perfect little guy! I look forward to watching him grow! Congrats Summer and & Chris!


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