E turns 1 Hawaiian Style | Sarasota Childrens Photographer

Aloha 'Oe

I am so excited to be finally sharing this session with you! Another super fun, exciting cake smash session is in the books! This little one was also one of my sweet squishy newborns, so getting to capture another milestone made me super psyched. E's mom came to me and said she wanted to book her cake smash, yet had no idea what theme she wanted. She knew that she wanted a theme that had not been done yet, something exiting and colorful. We tossed around a few ideas, and finally came up with the perfect theme.


I was overly excited about all of the amazing colors for this session, I love bold colors! But aside from the fabulous colors lets take a second to look at her amazing little floral top! EEEP! It was the icing on the cake!


Little Miss. E gave me a run for my money, it was like she was determined not to give me one little smile. Now I am partial to a serious face on little ones, however I knew her momma wanted a big cheesy grin from her girl. Eventually I did get my smiles, but I had to break a sweat to get them.

I will say that she was pretty excited when we brought her cake out! The first thing she did was go face first into it, made everyone squeal with delight! She had a blast making a big mess! This entire session was a blast - it was fun brining a little bit of Hawaii to Sarasota.

Look at those smiles! If a session ends like this - than there is no doubt that it was 100% successful!


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